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Avoid these regrets on your big day

Here are our top things to consider having, if you don’t want any regrets to surface:

  1. A wedding video: While it may seem like an extra expense on top of a photographer, this is a huge regret from most brides who opted to leave out the videographer. The photos and videos are not one and the same, and they provide a totally different feeling from each other. The video is amazing to look back on to watch those candid moments you may have forgotten, or hear your vows again.
  2. Screen the DJ: Make sure you’ve chatted to the DJ about what kind of music you’re wanting, and given him a list of your top 50 songs to play, as well as the songs you and your partner absolutely hate! You don’t want the soundtrack to be a complete dud.
  3. Centre pieces: These are items that many brides spend way too much money on. People are not as focused on these as you might think, and most guests don’t even notice the details at all. Go with something simple and basic, and even DIY it yourselves!
  4. Buying online: Be weary of this, especially when it comes to your dress. If the picture and price seem to good to be true, they probably are. If you’re going to take the risk with an online dress order, make sure you have a Plan B dress that you love, or do it with enough time to find a replacement if it’s not what you were hoping for.
  5. Not wearing in your wedding shoes: Whether they’re heels or pumps, new shoes can leave blisters and pain when they aren’t worn in first. Your wedding day is definitely a time to be totally comfortable, so make sure to walk around in your shoes for a few days or weeks before the big day.
  6. Keep guests hydrated: You’re making speeches and having toasts, and guests are often waiting for the ceremony to start or for you and your bridal party to return from photos. Make sure to keep them hydrated with flavoured waters or water bottles so they don’t end up dehydrated and cranky by the end of the day.

It couldn’t be simpler to take some small steps towards a pretty much flawless day.


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