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wedding venue

How to choose the right wedding venue for you!

1. Decide on the general location of the wedding:
Once you know the city/neighbourhood or area you’d like to get married in, picking a wedding venue becomes much easier. You’re able to narrow it down to the venues that are in your desired location, and you don’t get distracted by other places that you know won’t work anyways. 

2. Figure out your budget:
It’s near impossible to sift through venues and make a decision when you aren’t sure how much you actually have to spend. Get together with your family, your partner or close friends and work out how much you have for your overall budget, and then allocate a fair portion of that for your venue. 

3. Work out your guest count:
There’s no point falling in love with a venue when it can’t accommodate all your guests. Once you have a rough guest list, you’ll have more of an idea of what types of venues would work best for you. If you have hundreds of people, you may need to look at banquet halls, hotels, barns or the like, where the rooms will be large enough. On the other hand, if your wedding is small and intimate, guesthouses, family homes or intimate venues would work perfectly. 

4. Narrow down your dates:
Have a specific date (or maybe a few!) in mind when you reach out to your favourite venues, so they can tell you immediately if they have availability or not. This will help you make the final decision!

Once you’ve found your dream space, have a list of important questions for them to ensure they can meet all your needs before you pay a deposit or sign on the dotted line.

What we love most about our beachfront venue on the North Coast, is how versatile it is. You can create the wedding of your dreams and tailor everything to your ideal theme or look, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg! Bring in your own decor and caterers and have everything the way YOU want it. We’re just there to supply the beautiful beach backdrop and any extra help you may need!

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wedding venue

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