1)Upon confirmation of the booking, there is a 10% Non Refundable Booking Fee.

2)In the event of cancellation, the 50% Deposits payable to service providers is non refundable. ( Catering, Accommodation, Photography/Videography, Décor’ hire & Services etc.)

3)Cancellation less than 6 months prior to the Wedding Event: Provided that a replacement booking is made for the dates booked, we will do a refund, but an additional 10% re booking fee will be retained. Failing this, there will be no refund.

4)There is a 100% cancellation fee if cancelled within 30 days of arrival.

RIGHT OF CANCELLATION: Should agreed payments fall into arrears and / or the balance of the payment and the refundable deposit not be received a minimum of one full calendar prior to arrival, we reserve the right to cancel the booking in which case there will be 100% cancellation fee.
Subject to change without notice, all rights reserved.