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wedding shoes

Customise your wedding shoes!

Check out these cute ways to customise your wedding shoes:

  1. Hand-painted heels:
    You might have an image or words that are really sentimental and will come up a lot during your big day. Get an artist or artistic friend to hand paint these onto your shoes as a constant reminder. This will make for a few beautiful photos and will look especially great if your dress is shorter and your shoes stick out. They can stay in your cupboard for life, as a reminder of your wedding day.
  2. Imprinted flip flops:
    There are some amazing companies that create customised flip flops, where the sole of the shoe has your wedding date/names or special words that leave an imprint on the sand when you walk. Give your bridal party a pair of these if you’re getting married on the beach and take photos while you’re all getting ready, or get a pair for you and your partner if your honeymoon is on or near the beach. You can keep and use these time and time again, so they’re a great investment!
  3. Customised Converse:
    If you’re more into sneakers than heels, then get those personalised too! Converse has a special part of their site that allows you to customise a pair with whatever you’d like. Alternatively, go online and buy a pair that has already been customised and are ready to be ordered. Even better? If you’re a crafty person, buy a plain pair of sneakers and customise or bedazzle them yourself!
  4. Handwritten messages:
    We’re sure you’ve seen this all over Pinterest, but another cute addition to your wedding shoes is a handwritten note. This works best on the bottom of heels because they’re flat and easy to write on. Have your groom write you a special something that you can only read while you’re getting ready. This also makes for a beautiful and sentimental photo.

Didn’t think there were so many options when it came to wedding shoes? Well, there are! Picking just one of these will take your wedding day shoes to the next level and make them a part of your outfit to remember.

wedding shoes

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