The “Midweek Elope 10 Package”:  10 Guests Accommodation for 2 nights and 10 Guests on the Wedding day (Includes the 10 staying at the Villa)

(This Package is only offered midweek outside of school holidays  between a Monday and a Thursday)

It includes the following:

Facilities, Equipment, Staff, Accommodation & the Free use of all Items in the Event Store:

  • Use of the topdeck recreational facility for up to 10 guests including the use of our white pickled wooden tables, White Wimbledon chairs, standard crockery, cutlery, glasses, white table, cloths, urns, hot trays, bar area (including fridges and bar equipment etc).
  • The use of our Mangrove Deck ceremonial area for up to 10 Guests on the Wedding day, includes a cream canopy and white Wimbledon Chairs.
  • 2 X 3m Pergola Parasol Umbrellas with stands and Chairs and 2 X Rectangular snack tables to be positioned on the front lawn near the Gin Bar.
  • Self Catering Accommodation for UP TO 10 Guests for 2 nights in 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms & a separate, private en Suite Bedroom for the Bridal Couple. (Please see the attached Floorplan Layout pdf of the Villa)
  • Secure on-site parking for up to 8 vehicles.
  • An Additional Helper/cleaner on the Wedding day to help set up and clean up afterwards – 7 Hours
  • The Free use of all the Items available from our Topdeck Event Store, Items borrowed must be cared for and returned in the same condition. (Décor’, Sound etc., please see attached pdf of all Items Available for use from our Event Store)

In addition to the above, the following Items are included in the Midweek Elope 10 Package:

  • Food: (All food and Catering are excluded from this Package )

There are 3 Options for the food: 

  1. The first option is to place an order with the local Spur, besides their normal menu, they do some amazing platters & salads (You can go onto their website and chat with the Manager Kogie), and will deliver for an additional R35.00 and we will have one of our staff there to serve, clear up and wash all the dishes.
  2. The 2nd option is to use one of our Caterers (Please see the attached pdf, Additional Catering Menu Options), the best option is their “ 3 meat Spitbraai at R160.00 per person, they will prepare all the food and bring it along with the crockery and cutlery (We supply all the glasses) they will serve, clear up and take everything away, the only pre-requisite is that their minimum number is for 20 Guests, however, this may be a positive as you get to keep all the food that remains which will be ideal for the next day as you won’t need to worry about preparing food for the Guests staying at the Villa.
  3. There are also a number of really good Seafood and Curry Restaurants within 6 km of the Villa, so it may be a simpler option to eat out.
    • Drinks: – We have fridges, freezers and a fully equipped bar area. As we do not have a liquor licence, no alcohol may be sold on the premises. All drinks whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic must be provided free of charge to guests, Guests may also bring their own drinks. We have not included a budget for drinks, however, you may send us a list of all the drinks that you require and we will obtain a Quote for you. We will arrange to purchase all the drinks and the Ice and put them in the fridges & in the bar area for you. We do not charge for this service and we do not put a make put any markup on the drinks, we will provide you with all the purchase and refund slips from the bottle store. (We have not included the cost of a Barman, we suggest that Guests help themselves or that you ask a Family Member or a Friend in the Wedding Party to take care of the Bar.)
    • Décor: We have not included a Décor Co-Ordinator, however, we have included a beige canopy and some white voile draping around the Ceremonial Pergola (I will send you some pics of options) we have also included the free use of all the various Décor Items available from our Event Store which includes the following: Runners, Vases, Candle Holders, Fairy Lights and other lighting, Various colours of voile including white, Table Numbers, hanging shell strings, loose shells, Various sizes of blackboards & chalk etc. (We will send you pics of all the stuff that’s available so that you can pre-plan). Every Family has talent, ask Family or Friends in the Wedding Party to assist with the Décor’, they will be Honoured and feel privileged and they’ll go out of their way to do an excellent Job. 
    • Minister: We have included the cost of a Christian Minister/Officiator who will perform the Service and do all the Paperwork for the Marriage Certificate. (He will contact you and have a chat to find out how you met and discuss the Order of the Service with you. 
    • Music: We have Included the use of all our Sound Equipment (Speaker on a stand, Microphone with leads, Rechargeable Boom Box) We will set it up for you, however, you will need to ask someone to sort out the playlist and to take care of the Sound Equipment for the duration of the Event. 
    • Photography: We have included an Unlimited Digital Photography Package: The last 30 minutes’ coverage of the Bride Dressing up, The full coverage of the Ceremony, the Reception and other Photographic Options: Beach, Forest, Front Lawn & Gin Bar area, Topdeck Venue etc. (No prints, all photos on a USB or disc).


Any Items or Services that are not specifically included in the above Package Quotation are specifically excluded from the Package Price. 

  • Various Other Wedding Services not included in the above Package: Once the booking has been confirmed, we will email you a pdf of all the other Wedding Services that are not specifically included in the above Package and you may then contact the Service Providers and deal with them directly eg. Flowers, Hair, Nails Makeup, Bridal Bouquets, Grooms Buttonholes, Draping etc.

Subject to Villa Isabella’s Standard Terms and Conditions, all Prices, Packages and Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of Quotation and are subject to change without notice.