In short, the Elope Wedding Packages include the following:

Self Catering Accommodation for 20 Guests for 2 nights, the use of all the facilities and the Venue including tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glasses, staff, hiring, white voile draping, vines and fairy lights for the Reception area, a canopy, white voile and white Wimbledon chairs for the Ceremonial Deck, Full Catering with cocktail drinks, starters, mains & sweets for the Reception, sound equipment, fully equipped bar area, photographer, Minister & documentation, use of all our Décor’ & other items in our event store.


Weekend Elope Packages:

For  20 guests, the Elope 20 Package is R36,800.00

For  30 guests, the Elope 30 package is R42,800.00

For 40 guests, the Elope 40 package is R46,800.00

Midweek Specials for the Elope Packages:

(Monday to Thursday normal Season)

For 20 guests, the Elope 20 midweek special is R32,800.00

For 30 guests, the Elope 30 midweek special is R38,800.00

For 40 guests, the Elope 40 midweek special is R42,800.00