The “Full Package” is R79,800.00. It offers a comprehensive wedding experience for up to 60 guests, with a focus on convenience and complete service. The package includes:

  1. Facilities and Equipment: Use of the top deck recreational facility and Mangrove Deck ceremonial area, equipped with pickled white wooden tables, white Wimbledon chairs, crockery, cutlery, glasses etc. 
  2. Accommodation: Self-catering accommodation for 20 guests for 2 nights.
  3. Parking and Security: Secure on-site parking for up to 8 vehicles, with a car guard for offsite vehicles and a security guard with armed response for 12 hours.
  4. Staff: Includes an experienced barman, two waitresses, and an additional helper/cleaner for the wedding day. An event coordinator is also provided to manage all arrangements.
  5. Food: Catering is included for 60 Guests, please see the Catering Menu Options, A, B & C which are all at R330.00 per person for a full menu of starters, mains & sweets, including cocktail drinks on the lawn area., please advise of your preference.
  6. Drinks: A budget of R5,000 is allocated for drinks, we have also included the services of a barman for up to 8 hours. Guests are free to choose their drink selection, we are not licenced so we don’t charge any corkage, any unopened drinks are refunded.
  7. Décor: A décor budget of R8,000 includes R4,000 for hiring/purchasing décor items and R4,000 for a décor coordinator, we have also included a white voile canopy with hanging vines and fairy lights in the Reception area and a beige canopy with white voile around the ceremonial pergola., it also includes the use of various decor items from the Event Store. (Please see the list of items available)
  8. Music: The package includes a DJ, sound equipment, and a backup generator, with a total budget of R5,600.
  9. Ceremony Official: A Christian Minister/Officiator is included to perform the service and manage the marriage certificate paperwork.
  10. Photography: An unlimited digital photography package is included, covering various aspects of the wedding.


  11. Pricing: The total cost for the package for 60 Guests as fully detailed above is R79,800.00.


  12. Exclusions: Services like Cake, hair, nails, makeup, videography, lighting etc. are not included. Contact details for service providers will be provided once the booking is Confirmed.
  13. Terms: Any items and services not mentioned in the quotation are specifically excluded from the package.


This package is designed for clients seeking a full-service wedding experience, with extensive facilities, accommodation, and professional coordination included, ensuring a seamless and memorable event.