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How to get your guests to help on your big day

Ways your guests can help towards your wedding

  1. Ask them to contribute to the food feast:
    If you’re planning a shared meal like a hog roast, ask a few close family members to bring salads or small side dishes along to complete the meal.
  2. Borrow décor:
    Instead of hiring all your decor pieces, raid your family members’ homes and borrow your favourite pieces to include on your big day.
  3. Dessert table:
    Just like the hog roast, ask friends who love to bake to do a batch of cupcakes or cookies to contribute to the most delicious dessert table ever.
  4. Flower arrangements:
    There are a few options for these. Either visit the flower market the day before your wedding and create your own arrangements with your bridal party, or ask if you can do some picking from your Aunt/Cousin/Best Friends garden and save dollars there!
  5. Your wedding playlist:
    Instead of spending hours putting together a playlist and trying to find songs everyone will groove to, ask your guests to write a song request on their RSVP card so you can easily compile an amazing list of tunes. Use your favourite platform or a special app.

Got guests? Then you’ve got help.

With the help of your friends, family, and guests, you can still have your dream day! Contact us to secure your venue at Villa Isabella.

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