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Having first look photos? Get the most out of them!

Make the moment as perfect as can be, by keeping these tips in mind:

  1. Leave your bits and pieces behind: There’s nothing worse than having your champagne, bouquet or cell phone in your hands while trying to kiss, hug and cuddle your almost-husband! Leave this stuff behind with your maid of honour or Mom, so you can have both hands free and focus on the moment.
  2. Prepare to get touch-ups: Don’t let stressing about smudging your lipstick get in the way of this once-in-a-lifetime moment! Let your make up artist know that you’ll be needing a once-over check after the first look moments are done.
  3. Keep tissues within reach: This is an extremely emotional moment, even for the most calm and collected people. Keep tissues close by to zap any tears as they appear, no matter how much you think you may not need them!
  4. Have something small to give to each other: This can be something simple like a beautiful handwritten letter. Once you’ve had your moment together, go your separate ways and read your letters right before you walk down the aisle. Other amazing gift ideas: engraved pieces of jewellery, like a watch for the groom, or leather bound journals with your wedding date pressed onto the front, are all breath taking ideas.
  5. Have the groom in place first: The groom should be standing ready when the bride arrives. Face the groom away from the bride and then have the bride slowly walk up to him, until she’s close enough for him to turn around and see her.
  6. Don’t want to see each other? That’s also totally fine! Keep blindfolds on, or stay separate with a wall or divider between you. This makes for perfect photo opportunities, and allows the bride and groom to hold hands or say a few things to each other before the ceremony begins.

Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your first look photos, and you’re pretty set on having a moment like no other.

first look photos

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