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Hiring a wedding band? Make sure you’ve read this first!


  • Check that the venue can accommodate the band: Make sure the venue you’re using has space for the band, as well as plug points for all the instruments and microphones that are needed. If you’re choosing Villa Isabella, our grassy lawns are perfect for a jazz band to play some background music while you mingle with guests. Our upstairs reception room also has space for a small live band. Chat with us and we’ll do our best to make it work!
  • Make sure you’ve actually heard them: Not just on a CD or online, but live! It’s very hard to know how they’ll actually sound on the day unless you’ve heard them live and seen them in action!
  • Give the band a playlist: Streamline the music you want, as well as the music you don’t want! (A ‘Do-Not-Play List’ is also recommended!)
  • Check pronunciation: Make sure the leader of the band can pronounce your new surname and both your first names correctly if he/she will be announcing you at any point during the day.
  • Band members have needs to Make sure there is food for the band members if their set is longer than a couple of hours. And make sure they are given a toilet break or two, too!


  • Check their decor: Make sure the band isn’t going to put up their own cheesy decor around the stage area (say NO to disco balls, unless that’s your vibe!)
  • Keep the genres varied: Don’t have one genre of music playing for their whole set. his will bore guests, and the band too! Ask for a variety, from jazz to the latest hits to Spanish or classical.
  • Position the band correctly: Too far from the dance floor or guests, and there will be a disconnect and guests won’t feel encouraged to groove along to the music or tear up the dance floor.

Keep these little tips in mind when choosing and chatting with your wedding band, and we guarantee you, all your guests will have a rip-roaring time!

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