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How to choose the perfect wedding suit

Brides are usually the main focus on the wedding day, and they often steal the limelight. But this really shouldn’t be the case! Grooms deserve just as much attention and star status as the bride, and both should share the attention equally on the big day!

Here are our top tips for picking your wedding suit:

  • Focus on the fit. This means wearing a suit that compliments your body shape and will make you feel comfortable on the big day. The three main fit types? Regular: This usually allows room for extra movement, for those who don’t enjoy wearing tight-fitting clothing. It also suits grooms with a larger build than the average guy. Slim: this fit is ideal for those with a slimmer physique, who don’t want their suit to hang loosely on them on the big day. And finally, Tailored: this creates a more streamlined look and works for those who want their suit to fit them perfectly. The tailored look often allows for movement on the day but has the added benefit of being ‘made for you’, literally.
  • Think about fabric and season. In Winter, a suit made from heavier materials, like wool (or wool-blended) will keep you warmer. And, because of the quality of the materials, this suit will also maintain its shape for long periods of time. In Summer, opt for a linen suit that’s highly breathable to keep you cool. In Spring, a waistcoat can be a great suit addition when you’re unsure of how the weather will behave.
  • Don’t try a new style. Just because it’s your wedding day, doesn’t mean you have to do something totally different to what you’re used to. You’re supposed to look like the most authentic version of yourself, and stay true to yourself because the photos will last forever. If you usually shave every day, don’t go for a stubble look. If you love your long hair, don’t cut it short. Stick to what makes you the most comfortable.
  • Accessorize, but don’t take it too far. A patterned tie, bright socks or a pocket square can add an amazing unique twist to your wedding day outfit, but don’t overdo it. Less really is more, and wearing every possible accessory you can just confuse your look, and detract from your suit and face. Keep it simple!

When it comes to the groom’s look on the day, the consensus is pretty clear: stick to what you know, make sure you’re comfortable and keep it simple!

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