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How to pick the perfect wedding dress


  • Focus on the right silhouette for your body type. Don’t get too caught up in what’s trending right now, or what everyone else thinks you’ll look great in, just focus on what flatters your body shape the most, and try to stick to that. The shape that works the best for you, is probably the shape that will also make you feel the most comfortable and beautiful in your own skin on the wedding day.
  • Take your camera into the dress appointment (if the store allows it). Relying solely on the mirrors in the store isn’t always the best idea. They can make something look more or less flattering than it actually is. Rather ask those who have come with you (or the assistant helping you with the dresses) to take pictures of your top picks, so you can see how they reflect on a cellphone or digital camera. This is a more accurate representation of what the dress really looks like since everyone will be taking pictures of you with their phones and cameras all day.
  • Ask yourself the important questions as you put each dress on. You may fall in love with a dress, but it needs to tick all the boxes you’ve set up for yourself before you buy it. Things to consider: Can I dance in this? Can I sit in this? Do I feel beautiful? Am I comfortable? Does it fit in all the right places?


  • Think you have to take a huge group of people with you to your appointment. Sometimes, more isn’t the merrier. Too many opinions, concerns and feelings can overwhelm you during your appointment and just lead to more confusion. Take the important people with you (maybe a Mom, a sister or a best friend?) and leave everyone else behind. You can surprise them with your dress choice on the wedding day!
  • Schedule your appointment for late in the day. Rather go for the first available appointment, so the Boutique or store is freshly cleaned and the assistants can give you their full attention. Going in the afternoon means dresses have been worn and possibly haven’t been hung up again, the assistants are tired and overwhelmed, and the store could be full of other brides who have overstayed their welcome.
  • Forget that wedding dress and accessory purchases are final (usually!). So don’t buy a veil or clip-in headpiece as an impulse buy, because you probably can’t return them later on when you realise they don’t work with the dress. Think carefully about what will best compliment the dress, and rather search around before committing to something early on.

Keep these simple tips in mind, and your wedding dress shopping will be a breeze! It’s all about finding the perfect dress, but staying sane while doing it!

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