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How to Save Money on your Wedding Menu

  1. The first thing to look for is a venue that allows outside catering: A place like Villa Isabella allows for DIY weddings, where you and your partner can have exactly what you want and avoid everything you don’t want. Venues that allow for outside catering immediately remove the inflated prices that come along with the set menus and drinks bars at other, stricter venues.
  2. Make your own appetizers: This sounds much more complicated than it is. Some good cheeses, dips and fresh breads go a long way in filling people up and making them smile! Avoid the extra catering cost and prepare the appetizer boards on the morning of the wedding; ask someone that isn’t too involved to spend ten minutes slicing the bread, add it to the boards and voila!
  3. Bring your own drinks: Venues that allow you to bring your own drinks also allow for you to save thousands on inflated alcohol prices. Villa Isabella has a beautiful, vintage bar on the roof, with a fridge you can stock yourself! To save extra, pick two or three types of alcohol to serve and stick to that. For example, fill the fridge with wines, beers and champagne. This limits overspending on spirits and fancy cocktails, but will still keep your guests happy.
  4. And finally, stay in season. Whether you opt for a caterer to provide a sit-down meal, or you go the serve-yourself buffet route, always choose menu items that are in season to save on costs. Go with fruits and vegetables that are fresh and easily accessible for your side dishes, and opt for simple meats as the main part of your meal.

With these tips in mind, you are sure to save thousands on your wedding meal! Always remember to keep the most important thing in mind: the love that you and your partner share. Everything else is secondary!

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