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How to make your beach wedding a success

Make sure your guests are well prepared:

1. Let them know the ceremony is actually happening on the sand, so they can dress and prepare appropriately. Communicate this through the invite, and make sure to include a map/directions so they know whereabout on the beach it’s happening.

2. Think about their feet: Either provide a trade-off station where guests leave their fancy shoes and grab a pair of flip flops, or provide a cleaning station with soft bristled brushes or water and towels so guests can brush off the sand before entering the reception.

3. Remind guests that it’ll be sunny so they should bring sunglasses, hats or parasols to shade themselves.

4. Although it’s a beach wedding, that doesn’t mean it’s always hot. If your wedding is an afternoon or sunset one, it can get chilly as the sun sets. Guests should consider bringing a shawl or pashmina just in case, and it’s always a nice touch to have a basket of blankets for those who forgot something warm.


– Beaches are public places, so check with your venue or wedding planner to ensure you have a beach permit should you need one. And don’t be surprised if you see a few people dotted around. If you want complete privacy, you’ll have to rent a beachfront hotel/restaurant or hire a private estate.

– Don’t underestimate how loud the crashing waves can be. Invest in a microphone for the vows to make sure everyone can hear about your undying love. 

– A small and quick intimate wedding can have guests standing for the ceremony, but anything larger and longer will need chairs.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is the love between you and your partner, everything else is just an added extra, so don’t sweat the small stuff too much!

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