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7 Reasons to pick a beach holiday!

We’re not sure why we need to convince you that beach holidays are best, but if we do, here are some of our top reasons to ditch the hustle for the heat:

beach holiday

1. You escape the city:
If you’re from Johannesburg, Pretoria or even Cape Town, you get to escape the busyness of the city and take a beach holiday break in the chilled city of Durban. We all know how crucial it is to take proper holidays throughout the year to decompress from work and life, so make sure you’re factoring that in when you look at your annual schedule.

2. It lowers stress:
We probably didn’t need research to prove that there’s no better antidote to stress than the sea, but a study conducted by Michigan State University showed that those who spend more time around large bodies of water experience lower feelings of “psychological distress” and are left feeling mentally relaxed. So beach holiday it is!

3. It’s great for your skin:
Sea water and sun exposure has incredible qualities when it comes to natural healing. People suffering from psoriasis and eczema often find the mineral content of the ocean can radically improve the condition of their skin. But add into the equation the exfoliating qualities of sand and the fact that the sun is the best way of making sure we hit our daily dose of vitamin D, and a beach holiday is guaranteed to leave you glowing, inside and out.

4. It’s not just about sun tanning:
There are opportunities to snorkel, swim, explore tidal pools and play beach soccer or volleyball. If you’re someone who likes to keep busy, the beach doesn’t have to be about lying around all day! It’s also a great opportunity to connect with friends and family without any distractions, have deep conversations or enjoy laughing and playing with the people you love.

5. You get to check out incredible stars and beautiful sunsets.
With all your focus on your holiday and enjoying each and every moment, you’ll be far more likely to notice the stars at night and catch the sun setting while you prepare your dinner. Stand out on the balcony and embrace it all!

6. It’s low maintenance:
You can leave the heels and make-up behind, and opt for slops, sun hats and your favourite books. It’s not a complicated holiday with a busy schedule and multiple events to attend. You can wake up and decide how you feel as the day goes. There are no expectations of you to look or be a certain way, and you get to do exactly what you want when you want.

7. It’s cost-effective:
No eating out, fancy drinks or paying for activities. It’s just you, your food and the beach. It’s a free place to have fun and enjoy all your favourite things for less. You can pre-plan your meals so you’re eating all of your favourite things without having to leave the beach house at all. It’s even more ideal with kiddies since it’s safe and everything you need is at your fingertips. No packing and unpacking bags and food a million times. Just settle in and have fun!

Villa Isabella has all the beach holiday essentials you need for the perfect beach break all year round. From simple accommodation to a rooftop deck, table tennis, an outdoor shower, a dunk pool and a wooden walkway and deck right on the sand dunes, there’s nowhere else to be in 2023!

Visit our website to enquire and book! We can sleep up to 20 people and we cannot wait to welcome you for your well-deserved KZN beach holiday break!

Reasons to pick a beach holiday!

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