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Please note this is an enquiry form and submitting this form does not constitute a booking. Please note that this venue sleeps 20 people with a minimum of 2 nights stay. There is a maximum of 60 people for a function such as a reception/family event. While not all information is required, please fill out this form in as much detail to get an accurate quote and information in the shortest possible time.


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Affordable All Inclusive Wedding Packages Durban

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The Full

  • Use of the topdeck recreational facility for 60 guests including the use of our standard tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glasses, white table cloths & chair covers, urns, hot trays, and bar area (including fridges and bar equipment etc).
  • The use of our Mangrove Deck ceremonial area with a cream canopy.
  • 4X 3m Pergola Parasol Umbrellas with stands to be positioned on the front lawn as directed.
  • Self-Catering Accommodation for 20 guests for 2 nights.
  • Secure on-site parking for up to 8 vehicles + a car guard for the offsite vehicles on the wedding day.
  • An additional helper/cleaner on the Wedding day to help set up and clean up afterwards
  • An experienced barman and 2 waitresses will be there for the duration of the event.
  • A security guard with an immediate armed response for 1 X 12-hour shift to keep an eye out for guests and Vehicles Parked offsite.
  • An experienced Event Co-Ordinator who will put everything together for you and take care of all the arrangements. She will also be there for the duration of the event.

Facilities, Equipment, Staff, Accommodation & the Event Co-Ordinator:

Additional items to the above are as follows:

  • Food: All food will be catered out (please see menu options below)
    Once we know which option you would like, we can quote accordingly. The budgeted price is R290.00 per head for 60 Guests for starters, mains and sweets for Menu Option “A”: R17,400.00
  • Drinks: – We have fridges and a fully equipped bar area. The barman is included for the duration of the event. As we do not have a liquor licence, no alcohol may be sold on the premises. All drinks whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic must be provided free of charge to guests. We have included a budget of R5,000.00 for drinks. You will need to provide us with a list of drinks that you require. We arrange to purchase all the drinks and put them in the fridges & in the bar area. Whatever unopened drinks & full packs are left over after the event we will return to the bottle store and credit you with the refund. We do not make put any markup on the drinks, we will provide you with all the purchase and refund slips from the bottle store.
  • Décor: We have included a budget of R8,000.00 for décor which is made up as follows R4,000 for hiring/purchasing décor items and R4,000 for a qualified, experienced person to take care of doing the decor for you. The event coordinator will oversee this.
  • Music: DJ, sound equipment, backup generator: We have included this, the cost/budget is R5,600.00 

In Summary:

Facilities, equipment, accommodation & the Co-Ordinator: R39,000

Food based on 60 Guests @ R290.00 per head: R17,400

Drinks (Based on a budget of R5,000.00), include a barman for the entire event: R5,000

Décor (Based on a budget of R4,000 for hiring & purchases + R4,000 for Décor Coordinator):Total R8,000

Music/DJ/Sound equipment & a backup Generator: R5,600

= R75,000

Any Items and Services that are not included in the above are specifically excluded from this Quotation

Apart from the above, you would need to arrange and pay for the following services directly:
Flowers, Nails, Makeup, Photographer, Videographer, Lighting etc. Once the booking has been confirmed we will give you the best, most reasonably priced Service Providers to contact for various services.

The Menus

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Option C – R330.00 Per head: Three Meats Full Spitbraai Menu:

  • Juice: (Cocktails) 5 litres orange juice & 5 litres tropical juice in glass tap dispensers. (you may add your own mixers)
  • Starters: Canapes on the lawn near the Gin Bar as follows: Sweet and sticky chicken drumettes, chili bites, spring rolls, samosas, BBQ meat balls, seasonal fruits, rolled cold meats with gherkins, cheesy cocktail sausages, Mini sausage rolls with a centre dip. Ciabatta breads, cheeses and onion marmalade.
  • Mains: Spit roasted deboned garden minted legs of lamb, Marinated rumps of beef, thinly sliced at medium rare & deboned honey glazed legs of pork (pork can be replaced by BBQ or peri peri roasted chicken pieces. Roasted potato bake consisting of baby potatoes, mushroom, bacon bits and covered with three different cheeses. Roasted veggies: including roasted butternut, brinjals, caramelized red onions, baby marrows and sun dried tomatoes, Savory rice, Gravy, mustard, mint sauce, horse radish and chili sauce as condiments, Cocktail bread rolls & Butter. (Vegetarian lasagna is an option for vegans and vegetarians)
  • Dessert: Warm malva pudding and custard, Ice cream and chocolate sauce, Fresh fruit salad.
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Minimum Number for Option A is 30 Guests, Minimum Number for option B is 20 Guests, Minimum Number
for Option C is 20 Guests.

Starters and Sweets for all 3 options may be varied dependent upon specific requirements. All food is prepared off the premises and then brought to the Venue by outside caterers. All the Caterers that we work with us are highly credible, well known, fully registered service providers that we work with on an ongoing basis.

Prior to deposits being paid to service providers , prices are subject to change without notice as we are using
outside Catering Companies and we are not in control of their pricing structure. We will put you into direct contact with the various caterers, you assess whether you would like to hire them, if you do decide to use them, then please note that we will accept no liability. You are also welcome to use your own Registered Caterers.