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The biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid

The first few weeks of being engaged are so exciting, that you want to do all the wedding planning straight away. But do your best to hold out on some of the important things, so you don’t have regrets down the line. Take a look at our top planning mistakes to avoid, and have the best wedding day of your life!

  1. Hiring a friend instead of a professional: As tempting as it is for your budget, asking your friend with great workout playlists to be your DJ, or your friend with lots of Instagram followers to be your photographer, isn’t the best idea. They may be good at these things in isolation, but that doesn’t mean they’ll work well on your wedding day. They’re also friends, so there’s always the possibility of things going sour if they aren’t providing the service you expected. Stick to paying experts in the field and you’ll be guaranteed to be satisfied, and if you aren’t, you won’t ruin a friendship by asking for changes.
  2. Telling everyone and anyone about your wedding day details: By doing this, you run the risk of getting copycats who love your ideas and steal them for their wedding day, or taking away the surprise element for your guests (like your outfit change or surprise wedding band appearance). Keep things as private as possible and you’ll thank yourself later.
  3. Hovering over your wedding vendors: You’ve hired wedding day professionals who know what they’re doing. Once you’ve had the initial meeting, leave them alone to work their magic. The more you bother them, the worse your working relationship may become. You want to stay on good terms even after the wedding, so let them do their thing.
  4. Skipping a videographer: Although photographers are amazing, getting video snippets of the vows, people tearing up the dance floor and special speech moments will be priceless. Photos are still moments, but videos allow you to go back in time and relive special pieces of the day.
  5. Sending out the save-the-dates too soon: Don’t send out the save-the-dates more than 8 months before the big day. Friends can turn into acquaintances, so wait until your guest list is finalized and you’re positive about who will be invited.
  6. Making plans before setting a budget: This is like picking out a bunch of stuff at the shops without checking price tags, and then holding thumbs when you go to check out. You might fall in love with a venue or dress that you actually can’t afford. So set your budget before you start looking, and save yourself some serious heartbreak.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll set yourself up for a great and easy wedding day with as few regrets as possible.

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