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Tips for the best honeymoon ever

  1. Think carefully about the location. You’re two different people who probably enjoy different things. Make sure you chat about where you both want to go on honeymoon and pick a place that satisfies both of your desires. Plan activities and restaurants that you’ll both like, or decide to pick a few each that the other person can experience with you.
  2. Use the opportunity for surprises. This is one of the only times in life that you’ll have so much alone time and time to focus on each other and no one else. Try surprise your partner with dessert delivered to the hotel room, booking them a massage they’ll love or getting a reservation at a beautiful restaurant that they’ve been eyeing out.
  3. Tell your service providers. A little mention in your emails or when you greet people face-to-face can go a long way. Let the air hostess, receptionist at the hotel or tour guide know that you’re on honeymoon and they might throw in a few extra surprises you weren’t expecting (and didn’t have to pay for!).
  4. Say no to technology. Embrace your honeymoon as a time to be completely alone together. Choose to go technology-free the whole time, or decide on the hours where you aren’t allowed to check messages or social media so you have that time to take advantage of.
  5. Try something new. Whether it’s snorkeling in the ocean, bungee jumping or eating a new type of cuisine, try to each pick something you want to try out. This will up the adrenaline and leave you feeling exhilarated!

Your honeymoon should be something you look back at it with the fondest and happiest memories. Use our tips to plan something you and your partner will remember forever!


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