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Tips for your make up and hair trials

Here is the next exciting chapter of your lives together – and to start it all off looking absolutely stunning. Here are some things to keep in mind so the trial make-up appointment is seamless and you leave feeling happy and at peace.

Wedding make up trial tips and tricks

  1. Keep time in mind
    If you’d like to have more than one appointment, you’ll need to start booking your trials in advance so you and your stylist have time to think about and make the necessary changes.
  2. Prepare your hair
    Hairdressers often prefer to work with hair that hasn’t been washed the same day, so wash and blow dry yours a day or two before to make it as easy as possible to work with.
  3. Pay attention to your brows
    They shape your entire face! Book yourself an eyebrow shaping before the trial so they have time to grow into themselves and you can properly see how they’ll look filled in with make up. Not sure what brows suit your face shape? Check out this eyebrow explainer.
  4. Take your veil or hair accessory along
    This is essential for your hair trial. You need to know how it’s going to look with your final hairstyle and if it works efficiently with your veil or hairpiece to achieve the look you’re dreaming of.
  5. Choose one inspirational photo and bring it along
    You and your stylist can get overwhelmed with the amount of inspiration photos out there, so just pick your favourite one and bring it with you as a reference point.
  6. Bring in a good picture or two of your dress
    Your hair and make up stylists will be able to tell what hair and make up looks will best compliment your chosen dress and be able to avoid doing anything that will detract from the style of dress you’ve chosen.
  7. Wear white
    Or if you’re wearing cream or ivory, wear that! It’s a great opportunity to see how your hair and make up look with the colour you’ve chosen for your big day, to make sure there are no clashes or issues.

Make a mental note of these simple tips, and you should fly through your wedding make up trials without any hiccups! For more wedding handy preparation hints, read through our other Villa Isabella blog posts.

make up

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