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Wedding Guest Etiquette

Don’t assume you can bring a date: If the invitation doesn’t say, Sue & Partner, then your partner is not invited. Also, don’t call the bride to double-check. You’ll just end up making them feel bad. If they had the budget for you to bring a partner, they would’ve said so.

Do RSVP on time: The bride and groom have so many other details to worry about, and following up with tardy guests should not be one of them. Make a note of the final RSVP date in your diary or on your phone, and make sure you answer by then. If you know straight away that you will or won’t be around, let them know!

Buy them a gift early: They spent time and effort creating their registry, for a reason. They plan on using everything on the registry, so don’t go off on your own rogue mission and buy them something they didn’t ask for unless you know them very personally. Leave the present buying to the last minute and you’ll end up left with the garlic press and toilet scrubber. Not pretty.

Be on time for the ceremony: Just because most ceremony’s run a little late, doesn’t mean you should too. It will be extra awkward if you’re walking down the aisle with the bride in front of you, scrambling to find your seat, while everyone glares at you. Even worse? Missing the ceremony because you didn’t manage your time efficiently.

Switch off your phone: PLEASE. There’s nothing like the tune of some random pop song ringtone to ruin a special moment. The least you can do as a wedding guest is switched your phone to silent or turn it off completely.

Other added extras?

Pay attention to the dress code: Even if it says Casual, don’t pitch up in shorts and a T-shirt. And don’t you DARE wear white!

Congratulate the family: They’ve paid for you to be there with them, and it’s a super important day for them.

Have a party, but don’t get wasted: You won’t be invited to any more family weddings or events after you’ve thrown up in the bathroom or fallen asleep in the bath.

Don’t forget your wedding favour: The bride and groom have spent time and money organising these little treats, so don’t leave them behind. It’ll look like you don’t notice or appreciate the effort.

Take our advice, and you’ll be the wedding guest that dreams are made of! And when it’s your turn to have a big life event like a wedding or celebration, you can guarantee the bridal couple will remember how amazing you were on their special day!

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