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wedding photos

Wedding photos you have to get on your big day

Here are our Top 10 shots to add to your list:

  1. The Ring Shot: your fiancé spent time and effort finding you a ring that you (hopefully!) love. Make sure your photographer gets a beautiful shot of the engagement ring (in it’s box if you have it with you), as well as the wedding bands shot later in the day.
  2. Bride and Groom details: Ask your photographer to get a shot of each of your wedding day details. As a bride, the earrings, perfume and shoes you wear and for the groom, his formal shoes, tie and cologne. These are beautiful items to remember the look and smell of your big day.
  3. The Bouquet: Flowers can be a costly part of the wedding budget, so you don’t want to miss out on some detailed shots of the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets to remember how they looked, and how they contributed to the overall feel of the day.
  4. Bridal Portraits: This includes a close up of your hair and make up, plus full sized images of you in your dress and any dress details (like beading, sequins or lace) too.
  5. The First Look: After all, this is why everyone is gathered at your wedding, to see the union between you and your partner. Make sure the photographer has space to get the right angle and to be close enough to see the groom’s face as you walk down the aisle and he catches his first glimpse of you.
  6. Ceremony Views: It’s so special to be able to look back and remember the layout of your ceremony space, as well as who was present and what kind of backdrop you had.
  7. The First Kiss: Obviously. One of the best moments of the day, the moment you get to seal your vows with a fiery smooch! If your photographer isn’t happy with the first one, make sure he asks outright for you to both kiss again, so he can get the special moment exactly as you want it.
  8. Décor, Seating Arrangements and Guest Favours: Especially if any of these elements were DIY.  You’ll want to reminisce on all those ribbons you tied, or the cardboard you glued, and having images of all these beautiful details will help.
  9. First Dance: This moment speaks for itself, and it allows for so many beautiful images. Add this to your photographers shot list to ensure you get the images you want.
  10. The Cake and Food: Wedding cakes are often big and bold, so make sure you get a shot or two of it before it gets sliced and enjoyed. It’s also nice to have food shots. Years from now you can look back at what was trending in the food department and remember what you and your partner chose to serve everyone.

There are so many moments throughout the day that your photographer will be able to capture, but giving him or her a Top 10 helps to remind them of what you value and what shots are important to you and your partner.

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