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wedding snacks

Wedding snacks to have at midnight!

Take a look through our favourite ideas of quick and easy snacks to serve:

  1. Doughnut holes:
    These are guaranteed to go down a treat! Serve them with a glaze or chocolate dipping sauce, either carried around on trays or self-service on the dessert table.
  2. Milk and cookies:
    This is such a cute way to give people a little sugar boost and something cold to sip on. Pour the milk into little shot glasses and place the cookie on top. Go for a classic like chocolate chip, or something different like fudge or salted caramel.
  3. Caffeine kick:
    Shots of expresso are a great energy booster but might be a little too much for people who want to sleep, so make sure to offer a decaf option too!
  4. Food trucks:
    This is an extravagant but amazing offering. The older guests may have gone home, but the younger guests are still around to party. Offer a soft-pretzel truck, an ice cream truck or even a taco truck to your excited guests.
  5. Pizza slices:
    A great savoury option for those who aren’t immediately drawn to something sweet. These are easy to organise and can be heated and served as they are. Choose two or three flavour options, and make sure there’s something there for those who are vegetarian!

These are the most delicious, easy options to bring out and surprise your guests with when the clock strikes twelve!

wedding snacks

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