Hiring a wedding planner? We weigh up the pros and cons.


  • They’re in the know. Chances are, you’ve probably never planned an event of this magnitude before. But wedding planners have, and probably orchestrate one or two weddings a month. So they know all the top tips: what to do, what to avoid and what will work best for you. They’ve also spent time and effort making connections within the industry, which they could use to save you money on big ticket items!
  • They’ll deal with any problems that will arise, during the planning process and on the day! No wedding process is smooth sailing, and that’s where a planner comes in. They will deal with any hiccups that may arise, so you don’t have to. They’ll keep you out of any issues with vendors, and will only fill you in on the most important details for the day. This keeps your stress levels at a minimum, which is really important.


  • It’s an extra expense. While they may save you money during the planning process, you still have to pay them (A LOT) to do the planning for you. If your budget is already stretched, it may be best to hire an on-the-day planner, who can take control on the wedding day, and make sure things run smoothly.
  • You won’t have as much control. For some brides, this can be a major issue. Someone else is taking calls and messages from vendors, and making decisions for you about your big day. Make sure you meet up with your potential planner before hiring them, to make sure they’re just as detail-oriented as you are, and you should be okay.

To wedding planner or not to wedding planner, is a tough question to answer. And only you know if it’s a good idea or not. Consider your budget, your personality type and the kind of wedding vibe you’re going for, and then decide. But keep in mind: there will always be bumps in the road, wedding planner or not… and that’s perfectly fine!