Insanely clever ways to save money on your wedding

Here are our 4 clever ways to save money for your wedding day:

  1. Don’t get married on a Saturday. If you can, try and get married on a Friday afternoon or a Sunday, when the venue hire might be cheaper. This can save thousands of rands and it’s something different for guests too. It’s also a great idea to get married the night before a public holiday, so guests don’t have to worry about work the next day, and you get weekday rates!
  2. Find a venue that allows you to use your own vendors. This is a HUGE money-saver! So often, venues require you to use their specific decor, caterer and DJ, and they add a huge mark-up, so you’re paying thousands more than you should. Find a venue, like Villa Isabella, that allows you to customise everything to suit you. This way, you can use a caterer you trust, make your own decor and use a playlist instead of a whole DJ setup.
  3. Have your ceremony and reception in the same place. This saves on money, because the venue will give you one combined rate for both the ceremony and reception areas, and you won’t have to spend extra on transport from one venue to the other. It also saves on time; guests won’t get lost looking for the reception venue and they don’t have to worry about time constraints. Villa Isabella offers a beachside ceremony spot and a rooftop reception venue, BOTH overlooking the ocean, and only a few metres from each other.
  4. Choose a venue that doesn’t need much decor. Somewhere like Villa Isabella, overlooking the ocean, has enough beauty to stand alone. Choosing a place that’s already well-decorated, or located in a gorgeous place, means you don’t need to spend too much on adding extras to the venue.

It may seem impossible, but having an affordable wedding can be a reality. Research carefully before you go ahead with booking the big ticket items, like venue, food and decor and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. It’s not worth going into debt for your wedding day.