Brides: What to be aware of the week before your wedding!

Here are our top things to be aware of in the lead up to your wedding day:

  1. Get enough sleep! This seems unimportant, but sleep is VITAL to the correct functioning of the body. Without enough sleep, our bodies produce more grehlin, the hormone that tells us we’re hungry, and less leptin, the hormone that informs our body that we’re full. This means lots of snacking and waving goodbye to your pre-wedding clean eating! Apart from this, sleep deprivation also makes you more likely to get a viral infection as your immune system is weak, as well as causing dark circles under the eyes and a bad complexion. It’s pretty obvious: sleep is crucial.
  2. New skincare and make up products. This sounds obvious, but many brides panic about their beauty regime at the last minute and decide to try out something new in the lead up to the wedding. This is not a good idea. Stick to what your skin is used to and avoid allergic reactions, skin irritations and breakouts that can come from trying out new products. Rather save the experimenting for after the wedding, when you don’t have pictures to pose for and hundreds of people looking at you all day.
  3. Alcohol. Although a glass of wine or a gin and tonic can sometimes take the edge off, it’s not worth it in the lead up to your big day. Alcohol contains tons of extra calories and can make you look and feel puffy because of it’s sulfurous gasses. It also dilates your blood vessels, which can lead to redness (a no-go for those all important pictures!)
  4. New hairstyles and hair colours. Keep these changes to a few weeks before the wedding. You never know how the colour will come out, or how a new haircut will change as you wash it and live with it day to day. Hairdresser mishaps can ruin a person’s entire month, never mind ruin their day, so rather stay safe this time.
  5. Juice and smoothie cleanses. Brides seem to think this is the best way to drop weight right before the wedding, but really, it’s usually a recipe for disaster. In the lead up to the big day, you need energy and nutrition to keep you going while you pick up family and run last minute errands. Juice cleanses contain little nutrients and lots of sugar, leading to low energy and irritability. Rather eat lots of fresh fruit and veg and drink lots of water, so much easier and so much better for you!

These seem really simple and straightforward, but with all the tips and hints from friends and family, wedding brain can become a very real thing, and everything becomes confusing and overwhelming. Stick to what you know and keep things simple, you don’t want any self-induced traumas happening.