Upcoming 2018 Bridal Trends

Here they are!

  1. A move towards non-traditional jewelry: As beautiful as single drop earrings or a delicate pearl necklace can be, why not be a little daring and opt for something unique as jewelry on your wedding day? Bridal body jewelry is set to trend in 2018, as well as unusual piercings staying in on your wedding day instead of being removed (septum rings, nose rings, the works!)
  2. Veil updates: These are pretty difficult to get used to, after the usual traditional veils have been accepted for so long. 2018 will see veils across the shoulder (like a shawl), around the neck (to double as jewelry) and even across the face with a birdcage effect.
  3. 3D dress embellishments: This is a simpler way to incorporate new trends into your bridal vibe for your big day. Three-dimensional embellishments (like flowers or shapes) add texture to your dress, and can give an unforgettable twist to a classic dress.
  4. Black trimming: We love this beautiful and effortless addition to a white wedding dress. Whether you add a simple velvet black ribbon around the waist, trim your whole dress in black, or add a layer of black tulle for a dramatic effect, this trend is one we’re seriously into!

Take them or leave them, but we’re pretty sure these are gonna be pretty big in the next few months! If you’re a more Classic bride, don’t stress! You don’t have to follow trends. You do YOU.