2020 Wedding Trends to look out for!


1. Wedding Dresses: If you're still dreaming of the big white princess dress, then go for it! But 2020 also has some other cool ideas up its sleeve. Think multiple dress changes, wedding dress seperates and even knits! Brides are straying from the traditional dress options in search of something creative that expresses their individuality. 

2. Bridesmaid Dresses: Having bridesmaids is a tradition that's probably not going anywhere anytime soon, but the dresses are starting to evolve. Some design labels are coming to the rescue of brides who want to showcase their friends' personalities, rather than putting them in a pastel uniform. Mix and match styles with contrasting colours, necklines and prints are thankfully on the rise.

3. Being Sustainable: With eco-warriors on the rise and people becoming more conscious of our impact on the planet, wedding decor is starting to change. Couples are aware of their environmental and ethical impactt and thankfully there are plenty of relatively easy ways to make your wedding sustainable. Some of our favorites? Using wedding stationery made from recycled paper to finding a catering company that source ethical, local and organic produce. For wedding favours, a charitable donation is really popular too, as well as asking for a donation on the gift list alongside a traditional registry. 

4. Decor: There has been a marked shift away from the two-colour schemes that couples used to focus on. It’s more about the atmosphere and vibe rather than matchy-matchy tablescapes now. 

5. Flowers: Decor isn't the only thing on the wedding day that's being looked at with an ethical eye; more and more couples are choosing florists that use locally grown seasonal blooms, wildflowers or dried flowers. Some couples are even going one step further and opting to grow their own flowers, or simply incorporating already existing gardens into their big day.

We hope these give you some inspiration and excitement for your big day!