This blog isn’t only for those who are planning a wedding, tell your guests to take a read too! There’s nothing worse than spending time planning the perfect day, and then having one of your guests do something that completely ruins it for you. Here are our top ways to be a great wedding guest:

Wedding favors are a topic of contention. Some people think they are very necessary, and show guests that you appreciate them and their effort to be a part of your big day. Others feel that they’re almost always a waste of money, and guests end up throwing them away on their way out the door. Whatever your stance, we’ve got a few ideas to make sure your wedding favors suit you as a couple, and will be used by your guests with delight. Here are our top four wedding favor ideas:

The wedding dress is something that everyone is waiting with baited breath to see… so no pressure, right? There really should be no pressure! Your dress is something that you (and you alone) should be happy with. It’s a reflection of your personal style, and it should make you feel like the glowing, amazing human that you are! Here are our top tips for picking your wedding dress: