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Budget-friendly wedding traditions

Here are some simple ways to be budget-friendly at your wedding:

  1. The cutting of the wedding cake: Years ago, simple cakes were the go-to, but now they’ve become huge five tier masterpieces! With these masterpieces comes a hefty price tag. Avoid this expense but getting a beautiful and basic one tier to cut for photos and to serve to immediate family (something like the one below left), and then order a large sheet cake to serve to everyone else.
  2. A first dance: Let’s just be honest, not everyone likes to dance. Somewhere along the line we’ve become accustomed to having a first dance as well as forking out for a live band or DJ so people can boogie on the dance floor. If you and your partner aren’t really into this, that’s totally fine! Hook up an iPod and play some tunes later in the evening, and spend money on the things you really want at your reception.
  3. The bridal party: Another tradition that’s snowballed hugely, some brides end up with six or ten bridesmaids and vice versa for the groom. A large bridal party means larger expenses as each one will cost you a couple hundred dollars at the least. Scale back to one best man and maid of honor and give your other close friends important roles in the wedding to make them feel special.
  4. Wedding programs: If your guests mostly understand you and will know what to expect from the ceremony, then printing programs is a waste of money and trees. Skip this and let guests be surprised by the ceremony.

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